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A11 ZigBee Wireless Smart Plug

A11 ZigBee Wireless Smart Plug
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Model: A11
Manufacturer: NHR
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A11 ZigBee Wireless Smart Plug 

Smart plug, smart outlet or smart meter plug are the next generation of devices that stand in between your wall socket and anything you want to plug into it(X-Box, coffee machine, fan, stereo, oven, lamp, server…etc and so many more).
The power of Smart Plug is that the solution gives you tangible numbers into your energy consumption on device level. That way, you can see precisely how much energy you are using, when and on what, in turn, enables you to take smart actions that provide the greatest possible energy savings, without the need for you to make any sacrifices in terms of living comfort and environment-friendly. In no time, you can prepare switching plans for your connected appliances that fit with your lifestyle. 

1. Small size with pearl-white color
2. Plugs in between any appliance and the AC outlet
3. Robust wireless MESH network via ZigBee, a global wireless standard
4. Power consumption information from attached electrical devices
5. A11 expands and increases the wireless signal as a router 
ZigBee Wireless System
Key Function
Power ON/OFF attached device from smart devices remotely
Reports power consumption, on/off status of attached devices
Bridges other wireless devices as router
Other normal plug can be plugged simultaneously because of its small size
Operating Voltage: 100 ~ 120 Vac
Power Frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz Max.
Load Capacity: US: 12 A/120 Vac
Power Sensor
Accuracy: +/- 5 % 
Detects current draw from user AC socket 
Range: 0 A to 12 A
RF Transmit Power
63 mW (18 dBm), 100 mW EIRP
RF Receiver Sensitivity
-100 dBm
RF Transmit Distance
100 meters in open space 
RF Communication
Wireless IEEE 802.15.4
Supports router/ range extender function
Frequency Band: 2.4000 ~ 2.4835 GHz
Protocol: ZigBee Standard Home Automation
Relay ON/OFF / Reset switch X 1
LED Indication
ON/OFF (Red): Solid when user AC socket is powered
Status (Green): Flashes when the plug is connected to an RF network with the plug powered on.
Red+Green at the same moment: Unit reset
iPhone & iPad app; Android app
Remote access (Internet)
Email notifications
Sensor control; schedule control; manual
0°C ~ 40°C / 32 °F ~ 104 °F
0 ~ 80 %RH (non-condensing)
Indoor use only
UL 94_V0 fire protection material
(L) 68 X (W) 29 X (H) 53 mm 
(L) 2.68 X (W) 1.14 X (H) 2.09 inches
81.5 g / 2.9 oz

Specification - PDF

User Manual - PDF

1 Year Warranty. Original Made in Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai UAE
E-mail: [email protected]

Made in Taiwan
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A11 ZigBee Wireless Smart Plug
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A11 ZigBee Wireless Smart Plug
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A11 ZigBee Wireless Smart Plug
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A11 ZigBee Wireless Smart Plug
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