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S05-CO2 Outdoor Wireless CO2 Sensor IP66

S05-CO2 Outdoor Wireless CO2 Sensor IP66
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Model: S05-CO2
Manufacturer: NHR
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Wireless Sensors IP66 Certified Waterproof & Dust-tight

S05-CO2 Outdoor IP66 Wireless CO2 Sensor

CO2 sensor are used in the field for monitoring of environmental parameters to help producers to conduct more efficient irrigation or pest control programs, during storage for post harvest grading and sorting for fruits and vegetables. With CO2 demand controlled ventilations, S05-CO2 helps to save money by decreasing the energy consumption while maintaining a healthier indoor air quality. With high tolerance to humidity, the sensor is ideal for applications in greenhouses, mushroom farming and other high relative humidity regions. The S05-CO2 is a wireless sensor in the growing SentrolCloud family. This sensor can measure CO2 concentration and send it over wireless. Its ZigBee Home Automation Profile provides compatibility with other wireless devices with ZHA profile. With SentrolCloud platform, the sensor can simply upload data and all the data will be stored and presented in trend that makes data monitoring and mining easy.

1.    Self-calibrating infrared (NDIR) technology enables high repeatability and stability over long measurement period.
2.    Stainless CO2 sensor enclosure designed specially for high humidity environment.
3.    Self-healing mesh network for robust wireless sensing network deployment.
4.    Up to 80% installation and commissioning cost savings over traditional cable-based solutions.
5.    Compatible with SentrolCloud for real-time data monitoring and automated control

Sensing Operating Principle
Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)
Sensing Gas
Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Sensing Range CO2
0 – 10,000 ppm CO2
Sensing Accuracy
±70 ppm CO2 ±3% of reading
Pressure Dependence
+ 1.6 % reading per hPa
Sensor Cable Length
2 meters
Sensor Probe Dimension
8.4(H) X 2.9(Φ) cm; 3.3(H) X 1.1(Φ) inches
Sensor Enclosure
Steel sintered filter (Water splashing prohibited)
Operation Temperature Range
0 to +50 °C (32F to +122F)
Operation Humidity Range
0 to 95% rH (Water splashing prohibited; senor should be always powered on)
Wireless Transmission Range
500 meters / 1640 feet (Free space)
Operating Frequency
2.4GHz ISM Band
Output Power
18 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity
-92 dBm
Transmitter Dimension
13(H) X 5(Φ) cm ; 5.1(H) X 1.9(Φ) inches
Ingress Protection
IP66 grade – SGS Lab. certified
Power Supply
90 - 240VAC/ 50-60 Hz
CE/FCC/SGS IP66 testing report

Specification - PDF

User manual & Application note - PDF

S05 Series Join to Parent Device NHR SHOP WiFi - Video: 

1 Year Warranty. Original Made in Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai UAE
E-mail: [email protected]

Made in Taiwan
Agriculture Wireless Sensors Systems
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S05-CO2 Outdoor Wireless CO2 Sensor IP66
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S05-CO2 Outdoor Wireless CO2 Sensor IP66
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S05-CO2 Outdoor Wireless CO2 Sensor IP66
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S05-CO2 Outdoor Wireless CO2 Sensor IP66
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S05-CO2 Outdoor Wireless CO2 Sensor IP66
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