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Sentrol Cloud application (2GB, 2 Gateways)

Sentrol Cloud application (2GB, 2 Gateways)
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Price: $99.00
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Model: Standard User
Manufacturer: NHR
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Sentrol Cloud (Standard User) - 1 second rapid decision-making & more in-depth trend analysis

Using a world-leading cloud service provider to ensure the data is secure and always accessible from anywhere via any web-enabled computer, tablet, or smart phone, the Sentrol Cloud interface puts intuitive monitoring and control at your fingertips allowing for 1-second rapid decision-making and more in-depth trend analysis. 

The Sentrol Cloud gives the user complete control of his environment by allowing him to set ‘optimum’/’buffer’ zones for temperature & humidity, soil moisture, soil temperature, etc.  When sensors give readings that fall outside of the required optimum environment boundaries, then relay/actuator devices will automatically take action by powering-on triggers fans, heaters or irrigation systems etc.

Price is for use per 1 year. 

Gateway Capacity
2 gateways per account (Standard User)
Data Capacity 2 GB (Standard User)
Limit Setting
One upper & One lower limit for each sensor in one profile
Warning System
1. Out buffer, buffer zone turns red;
2. Out limit, dashboard and dashboard tab turns red;
3. Lost connection with Controller Gateway/s, dashboard turns black
4. Area Map shows Out-buffer/s, Out-limit/s, & Lost connection with gateways accordingly
Data Export
Export data from Administration to conduct further analysis
Area Map
Inserts photos of focal sites, and presents visual warning over photos
Sensor types differentiators
Different color codes for different sensors, sensors types is unlimited
Web-based Monitoring
Users can use smartphone, normal & tablet PC to conduct setting and review


SentrolCloud intro - PDF

User’s Guide - PDF

Original Made in Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai UAE
E-mail: [email protected]

Made in Taiwan
Agriculture Wireless Sensors Systems
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Sentrol Cloud application (2GB, 2 Gateways)
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Sentrol Cloud application (2GB, 2 Gateways)
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Sentrol Cloud application (2GB, 2 Gateways)
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Sentrol Cloud application (2GB, 2 Gateways)
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