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SG-02-IAQ ZigBee Indoor Air Quality and CO2 Detector

SG-02-IAQ ZigBee Indoor Air Quality and CO2 Detector
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Model: SG-02-IAQ
Manufacturer: NHR
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SG-02-IAQ ZigBee Wireless Indoor Air Quality and CO2 Detector

Measureing CO2 isn't sufficient enough if you care about the quality of the air you breathe! 
SG-02-IAQ Air Quality and CO2 Detector allows for ventilation based on occupancy as well as air contaminants and it doesn’t require any more work than using a CO2 sensor.
The SG-02-IAQ does this by measuring Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) then outputting a signal wirelessly that corresponds to a CO2 level of 0~2,000 ppm.
This means that interior builders can use their existing CO2-based DCV occupancy algorithms while monitoring both occupancy and VOCs. 

1. Broad detection of reducing gases 
2. High energy-saving potential with ventilation automation
3. Wireless connectivity via ZigBee global wireless standard
4. Human voice alert with decibel siren & flashing LED
5. Automatic malfunction detection
Detecting Substance TVOC = total volatile organic compounds
Detecting Technology MEMS metal oxide semi-conductor
Accuracy +/- 20 % of final value (referred to calibrating gas)
Detection Range 450 ~ 2000 ppm CO2 equival; 125 ~ 600 ppb TVOC
Alert Indication Event alarm at level of 1500 ppm CO2 equivalents
Purify solution Activating HVAC, Fans, or Photo-Catalyst Cleaner
Sound of Alarm 80 dB and above with human voice alarm indication
Power Supply 
12 VDC adaptor
RF Communication 
Wireless ZigBee
RF Protocol
ZigBee Standard Home Automation Profile
RF Band
2.40 ~ 2.48 GHz
RF Transmit Distance
50 Meters (Open space)
RF Check Alive Every 30 seconds (Adjustable)
Ambient Temperature
0 ~ +50 °C / +32 ~ +122 °F
Ambient Humidity 0 ~ 95 % Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)
UL 94_V0 fire protection material
(D)100 mm X (H) 40 mm (including fixture)
Detector: 117 g/ 4.13 oz (with adaptor); 
Adaptor: 92 g/ 3.25 oz
Light Indication LED: Green for wireless link; Red for alarm
Decible Indication Siren for alarm

Specification - PDF

User manual - PDF

Join the Detector to Network - YouTube Video

Remove the Detector from Network - YouTube Video

1 Year Warranty. Original Made in Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai UAE
E-mail: [email protected]

Made in Taiwan
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SG-02-IAQ ZigBee Indoor Air Quality and CO2 Detector
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