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C4U-TRTH2350 Long distance Point to Point 5Ghz OFDM-TDMA Link with over 44Mbps on 30km, 40Mbps on 60km, 25Mbps on 80km LOS Near-LOS Solution

C4U-TRTH2350 Long distance Point to Point 5Ghz OFDM-TDMA Link with over 44Mbps on 30km, 40Mbps on 60km, 25Mbps on 80km LOS Near-LOS Solution
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Model: C4U-TRTH2350
Manufacturer: TRAS
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C4U-TRTH2350 Long distance Point to Point 5Ghz 3W OFDM-TDMA Link with over 44Mbps on 30km, 40Mbps on 60km, 25Mbps on 80km LOS and Near-LOS Solution 

TRTH2350-34 is a 5GHz 3Watts (with 5GHz OFDM balanced-Amp technology) high capacity OFDM-TDMA outdoor radio for Ultra - long distance (Max Distance > 80Km) PTP/PTMP backhaul solution. 5/10/20/40 MHz adjustable channel bandwidth provides the flexibility of deployment channel plan or high capacity backhaul, and variable capacities for different applications --- the highest truly accumulated throughput(uplink +downlink) is up to 50Mbps. It utilizes TDD (TDMA) technology which allowing the balanced uplink / downlink tunnels on a single channel. This radio is primarily designed to provide standard Ethernet interface in a wireless link between distant sites. TRTH2350-34 series has powerful security mechanism - Except the proprietary protocol, it also supports WEP-128 bits and AES-256 bits encryption. All these functions make the network much more secure and reliable.Fractional bandwidth 5/10/20/40MHz

Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
5GHz 3 Watts Long Distance Backhaul
5GHz OFDM Balanced-Amp Tech
IP-68 Water & Dust Resistant
IEC61000-4-5 Surge Protection
Outstanding MTBF
Max Distance > 80KM

NOLS and Near-LOS coverage has many different situation and depends on the environment...

High capacity backhaul in long distances LOS and Near LOS
5/10/20/40MHz adjustable channel bandwidth
Cost effective alternative to wired network environment
Redundant link between buildings
Dedicated ISP connections for high-reliability subscribers
Enterprises or Institutions LAN and PBX extension

Product Highlights:
5GHz OFDM Balanced-Amp Technology : TRTH2350-34 has best performance with up to 3Watts output power based on 5GHz OFDM balanced-Amp technology, and that makes TRTH2350-34 to be the most cost effective 5GHz Ultra-long distance outdoor backhaul solution.

Time-Division Multiple Access(TDMA) technique: TDMA tech can avoid the packets collision and send the packets more efficient and stable to improve the capacity and quality of data transmission in long distance (Max distance > 80Km) or NLOS (Near/ Non-Line of sight) situation.

Effective spectrum utility / variable capacities : TRTH2350-34 has 4 channel bandwidths (5/10/20/40 MHz) for optional, which is adjustable via software. This function provides flexibilities of channel plan and variable capacities for different applications

Low EIRP for long distance and high capacity transmission: TRTH2350-34 improves the throughput performance up to 50~70% in long distance transmission, that means the system has the same performance with lower EIRP (smaller antenna) compare to other standard wifi products.

Proprietary Security : TRTH2350-34 uses proprietary protocol, so it can’t connect to other standard wifi products. It also provides WEP-128 bits and AES-256 bits to build the highest security mechanism to prevent the malicious attacking from the internet.

Antenna Alignment :The site survey function provides the RSSI (signal strength) info to indicate the status of antenna alignment.

Specification in PDF

Standard package and ordering Information for Point to Point link C4U-TRTH2350 :
2 x
TRTH2350-34 Outdoor radio
2 x TRANT5023-P 5.1~5.9GHz 23dBi V:7degrees / H:7 degrees directional panel antenna
2 x 1M RF jumper cable
2 x 48VDC Passive PoE Injector
2 x M25 Waterproof connector for SFTP cable
2 x Pole / Wall Stainless Steel mounting bracket Kit
2 x Power cord and 48VDC power adaptor
2 x Water-resistant adhesive tape
2 x Quick installation guide
2 x Installation CD

1 Year warranty – Original made in Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan, Hong Kong, Dubai UAE
E-mail: [email protected]

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