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About is online store that offers high quality Wireless RF equipment with export and wholesale prices and worldwide delivery via DHL express.

Shop-WiFi is a part of R&R Group wireless solutions R&D, ODM, OEM manufacturer Group from Taiwan specialized for wireless technology systems that require extra range, good quality, reliability, and stability.

Our wireless solutions & technology is very useful in remote areas such as industry sites, military bases,security services, islands, jungles, mining areas, farms, construction sites, hotels, small business, SOHO, business buildings, hospitals, hostels, amusement parks, large houses, recreation centers etc..  All products in our web site offer are for personal, business, industrial, government or military use.

We are offering a lot of wireless projects in the world for Telecom carries, Internet providers,  Police, Military, Security Agencies, Counter Terrorism Departments and they can contact us for specially designed models.

Quality control is another crucial aspect in the operations, every unit receives its own serial number after the final quality control inspection has been completed and evaluated. Also our sales staff always test all units before delivery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shop-WiFi Team


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