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BU-75 Building 3G 1920~2170MHz Repeater 75dB Coverage area 300 ~ 1500m²

BU-75 Building 3G 1920~2170MHz Repeater 75dB Coverage area 300 ~ 1500m²
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Model: BU-75
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BU-75 Building 3G  1920~2170MHz Repeater 75dB Coverage area 600 ~ 1600m²

Improve indoor mobile phone communication, coverage area 600 ~ 1600m².The Building BU-75 repeater is ideally suited for providing and/or improving cellular reception in office buildings, apartment complexes, large warehouses and parking garages. Easy to install, no adjustment required, gain and power are in automatic control. Wide indoor coverage area models to choose. Come with a series of accessories (couplers, dividers, indoor/outdoor antennas, brackets, RF adaptors optional), extend the capability of system in coverage and performance. Flexibility, may extend the overall indoor coverage up to 50,000m² by using 2~18pcs repeater and driven by Building 15/20 series repeater, see p.30 Compatible with 50/75 Ohm coaxial cable.

Improve in building cellphone communication
Coverage area : 600-1600m² (75 series), 
Built-in AGC circuit, free of interference
50/75ohm coaxial cable compatible
DIY kit, adequate accessories included, easy to install
Reduce radiation from cellphone, helpful for human health
Extend lifespan of cellular phone battery

Model No.  BU 75
Cell Phone System 3G WCDMA
Frequency Range         
Uplink : 1920~1980MHz
Downlink : 2110~2170MHz
Bandwidth         60MHz
Service area         BU-65 : 150~400m²
Gain Variation Over Freq. and Temp.         ±3dB
Noise Figure         Uplink 8.0dB / Downlink 8.0dB
OICP-3         Uplink 34dBm / Downlink 30dBm
P1dB         Uplink 26dBm / Downlink 22dBm
V.S.W.R.         ≤ 2.0:1
RF Power Output         Uplink : 20dBm
Downlink : 65:5dBm / 70:10dBm / 75:15dBm
AGC Dynamic Range         40dB(Typ.)
Power Supply         90~240VAC 50~60HZ, 12.2VDC 1.0A(max)
Power Consumption         10W
Gain         65dB / 70dB / 75dB
Size Dimensions         4.1 × 9.7 × 24 cm (H×W×D) ; 1.6 × 3.8 × 9.5 in
RF Connector         Outdoor ANT side : F (F) , Indoor ANT side: TNC (F)
Weight         0.9kg (approx.)
Case         Aluminum die-casting
Installation         Wall or ceiling mount or set on the cabinet
Fastening         4 screw holes
Operating Temp.         -5°C~+45°C
Storage Temp.         -15°C~+50°C

 BU 75 - 75 dB  Building  Repeater including :
1. Repeater main unit 1 pc
2. N(M)-F(F) Adaptor 3 pc
3. Indoor antenna with TNC(F)-F(F) 1 set
4. Outdoor antenna with
a. fastening bracket ,
b. 2” nails 4 pcs 1 set
5. AC –DC Adaptor with AC power cord 1 set
6. Spare F(M) ( for RG-11/U ) connector 8 pcs


Model no.

Cell phone



Frequency Range

Country/ Area



      65 dB

1920-1980/ 2110-2170 MHz

UK, Europe,

Middle East, USA -  High quality selection  - 1 Year Warranty - Worldwide delivery !

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BU-75 Building 3G 1920~2170MHz Repeater 75dB Coverage area 300 ~ 1500m²
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